The Coaching Ball is changing the way kids learn to kick a soccer ball.


There is now a soccerball that will ensure that you strike a soccerball low and on target. It will also show you where to kick the ball to swerve or loft it. The Coaching Ball is soccer’s latest training revolution. The Coaching Ball will improve your technique. The Coaching Ball is a great training tool for youth soccer.

The Coaching Ball ensures:

o Support soccer players in improving their shooting and passing.

o Perfect for all ages.

o Improve accuracy

It is easy to use

It can also be used as a regular football ball.

The Coaching Ball is the most recent and most efficient training tool for all levels of soccer players. The Coaching Ball is the most recent soccer training tool. The wap spbo live score Coaching Ball was created by a British coach who is a qualified soccer player. It helps players see where they should touch the ball. The simple, patent-pending design is used by professional coaches, PE teachers and grass roots soccer clubs across Europe. It can be immediately seen the results.

Enhance Soccer Skills

The Coaching Ball was developed by a British coach and helps soccer players see where they should touch the ball. This simple, but effective technique gives every child the chance to realize their soccer potential. To give budding soccer stars an advantage, the “Coaching Ball” was created. The Coaching Ball is a unique product that allows young soccer players to improve their skills right from the time they can walk.

The Coaching Ball features a 2 tone hi-tech PU outer layer and a 4 layer backing. It is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The bladder is made from latex and has a butyl valve. It is made of latex with a butyl valve. The Coaching Ball features brightly colored patches (two-component durable ink printed), and simple instructions such as “Strike”, “Loft”, or “Swerve”. The ball is placed on a panel and kicked to get the shot you want.

The Designer explains

The color patches enable learners to pinpoint the area where the ball should strike to make the desired pass. This is a great tool for beginners, even young ones.

The Coaching Ball is an affordable and effective way to encourage kids to improve their soccer skills, despite parents being under pressure to pay for expensive training. Premiership clubs are attempting field trials with the Coaching Ball.

Don’t wait! Give your child the competitive edge he or she deserves with the Coaching ball. The Coaching ball makes a great gift for all soccer players!

How to Use the Coaching Ball

1. Place the ball on the ground (valve at top).

2. Make sure you can see all the panels.

3. For the pass you want to make, kick the ball in the right zone.

4. It’s that simple!


To see immediate results, you don’t have to be a coach.

o Strike

The Drilled Pass

– Direct passes

– Shooting

– Penalty kicks


(Can be used on the outside and inside of the foot.

– Passing Corners

Free Kicks

– Removing obstacles

* Loft

– Passing

– Goal Kicks

– Defensive clearances

– Chipping the ball